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SammyMac Ethridge is the founder and director of No Mirror Movement, a nonprofit dedicated to getting dancers out of the mirror and back into their bodies. After recovering from a decade long eating disorder, she realized there was much work to be done in the dance community around self love and positive body image. Her dance company is the activism branch of the organization, while they also offer adult and youth wellness workshops. Her choreography is a fusion of hip hop, contemporary and waacking, and is dedicated to shining a light on society's deeply held myths of beauty and health. She hopes by also fusing spoken word created by her dancers to share their lived experiences we can shift what it means to be a “dancer” and to be worthy of a life full of joy, expression and community.

Outside of No Mirror Movement, SammyMac is a full time graduate student at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where she studies Somatic Psychology and will one day be a licensed therapist focused on working with dancers and artists. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki healer. She is extremely grateful for her dancers because without them the message of No Mirror Movement would never be heard. 


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