Porsche Kelly


Porsche Kelly is a spoken word artist from Oakland, CA. She performs gut-wrenching, heartfelt poetry in a variety of spaces and is especially passionate about social justice, including fighting against racism, sexism, and human trafficking. 

Porsche has performed at several open mics, corporate events, fundraisers, college campuses, and churches, as well as participated in plays/productions and music collaborations. She is currently working on her first poetry book, which she hopes to release next year. While she calls herself "The Poetic Activist", she writes about an array of topics: God and faith, freedom, hope, social justice, peace, love and more. Her aim is to speak truth with raw and transparent lyrics, unashamed to speak on what the masses are silent about


Social Media Links:
Instagram: @thepoeticactivist
Facebook: @thepoeticactivist @porsche.n.kelly
Twitter: @PoeticActivist