Joaquin Newman


REACH Ashland Youth Center Arts Program Coordinator 

Forrealism Co-Founder, Painter, Muralist, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Educator

Joaquin was born 1973 in Oakland, and currently lives and paints in his hometown. The son of an artist mother and a scientist father, Joaquin’s mixed heritage of Yaqui, Mexican, and European ancestry has fueled his creative endeavors his entire life.

After studying fine art and digital design at Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz, Joaquin now works as a painter, muralist, graphic designer, and illustrator. He has taught at the Academy of Art College, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, held workshops at the Oakland Museum of California, and made presentations to many Bay Area classrooms. His murals and paintings can be seen on many walls and galleries around the Bay Area and the nation.

Outside of works related to his mixed Indian heritage and explorations of other indigenous nations, recent paintings examine the delicate balance between nature and technology, faith and reason, and the Spirit that exists in all things. Joaquin was lead instructor in a mural series created by the students of Destiny Arts’ Center, with images from indigenous Mesoamerican literature, in conjunction with scientific illustrations of environmental cycles.