Iwalani Venerable


Iwalani Venerable aka LaniGrooves is an indie artist bringing a funky uplifting sound infused with soul, R&B and rock. She started in 2004 as an singer/songwriter, acoustic artist and producer. In 2008 the LaniGrooves band formed and began performing all over the Bay Area. 

LaniGrooves is a music educator and loves sharing music with youth. She has a current kids album released on iTunes titled "Rock Elephant". 

LaniGrooves is also part of a super duo called "Everyday Party" A rocking band that writes, produces and performs music for kids and grownups who are kids at heart. 

You can find LaniGrooves playing her guitar, singing, producing beats, making videos, teaching music, and sharing her love of music with others on a daily basis. 



Social Media Links:

Facebook: @LaniGrooves

Instagram: @LaniGrooves