Daniel Mora

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Since 2007, Daniel has facilitated keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, student mentoring and professional development
programming in many settings, including universities, community colleges, middle schools, high schools, conferences, celebrations and graduation ceremonies.

Daniel has traveled internationally, participated in board meetings foropening youth centers and he has been featured in
a number of news and media outlets.

Daniel invites audiences to learn from his journey. His story begins as a child of Mexican immigrants in the inner city projects of Oakland, California. While he discusses his upbringing surrounded by violence, prostitution, school dropouts, funerals, and gangs, Daniel’s testimony is ultimately a message of hope. Daniel illustrates his transformation, which began when his Probation
Officer in Juvenile Hall referred him to a mentoring center.

Daniel’s passion for mentoring youth comes from his experiences being in and out of Juvenile Detention Facilities, and his desire for others to learn from his mistakes. He credits his
commitment to his community as motivation to rise above his circumstances, sharing “I went from dropping out in the 6th grade for an entire year to then earn a degree in Ethnic Studies from the
University of California Berkeley, with honors.”

Daniel recalls his earliest outlet was writing poetry about his rough childhood, and today his presentations often include poetry. His message is focused on preventing at-risk youth from
experiencing challenges similar to his own. Daniel believes it’s never too late to make positive changes, sharing that “if I can make it, so can you.”

In April 2017, Daniel debuted his one-man performance PASSAGES. A limited number of PASSAGES CDs, featuring storytelling, spoken word, and music, are available for purchase.



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