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Daring Dreams,
Everyday Awakenings,
Transformation and Triumph.



Art is life so paint the world with your colors.

Inside Jasmine is a heart of an artist. She’s loved art all of her life. Shy, and sometimes lonely, art was a way for Jasmine to express herself.

When she found herself in a physically abusive relationship, art and mentor artists in the community helped bring her back from the brink. 

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It’s hard not to like Daniel. He’s warm, smart, charismatic, and hilarious. And believe he has used all of that to his advantage.

Dan has found ways out of trouble and learned to work the system. Under his easy-going personality, he’s dealt with the pain of needing the guidance of his parents but he hides it under his charm and wit. 

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Legacy isn’t only something you inherit, it’s something you create.

Joey is a young man who has grown up in the shadow of a legacy of men who do not know their fathers.

In an almost parallel story, both Joey and his father falter into a life of crime, violence and incarceration but through their tenacity and heart, they both change their lives for the better. And in the process, they find themselves and each other. 

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Commitment is an act, not a word.

Kumari is a young man who’s learning how to believe in something - in his goals, in life, and in himself.

Growing up without a father and with his older brother incarcerated for much of his life, he struggled to feel whole. Kumari has bounced around schools, jail, and life, and realized there was one barrier to accomplishing his goals - the ability to stick with it and see them through. 

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Wisdom earned. Lessons learned.

A really fascinating person of contradictions. He has lived a double life. At a young age, he became heavily involved in gang activity, which exposed him to violence, drugs, and danger.

David also took his job responsibilities seriously from gardening, cooking to working at city hall. David was sent out of state for a number of years due to his gang involvement, and in his isolation, he gained wisdom and perspective.

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Sometimes you need a miracle, and sometimes you make your own.

In some ways, Amanda is a miracle. She has faced the stigma of being a teen mom with twins, homeless, and having family members with serious addiction issues. 

Amanda has overcome all of that. Even as a young woman, she has accomplished so much through her work ethic, humility, and her passion.

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Love without borders.

Scarlett, born in Mexico, crossed the border into the United States when she was 2 years old. She crossed back and forth. Her fierce love and devotion for her family is a part of everything she does. But she lives in fear because of La Migra.

Her story reminds us that no human being is illegal.

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In the darkest night, one person’s kindness can be a guiding light.

Gilbert has been in the foster care system since he was an infant. His parents struggled with substance abuse so Gilbert and his siblings were raised in foster care, where they experienced abuse and poverty.

Through dark and horrific experiences, Gilbert has become a beacon of light for other youth in foster care and probation.